school building project

LYNY is purchasing land and building a new school to serve hundred of children in their educational and after-school development.  Read more below on how you can partner with us to change this generation and the generations to come.

A generation of kids in a slum outside of Vijayawada India needs help!

Due to escalating real estate prices in Vijayawada, the LYNY School is losing the lease on the building they have been renting to serve hundreds of children for the past 10 years as a school and as an after-school Child Development centre for the neighbourhood.  


In considering options, economically and practically it is a much better use of resources to buy a small plot and build a proper school building than to continue to pay escalating rental rates that the area has been seeing since becoming the new state capital of the divided state of Andhra Pradesh.

In addition, LYNY School will be able to expand to serve more children as students as well as slum residents as a community development centre after school in a much better suited building that they currently lease.  We already raised $60,000 USD of the $90,000 USD needed for the land through friends' donations and low interest loans; and has entered a contract with a down payment as earnest money for a small 300 square yard plot of land.  It is not far from the current school to ensure accessibility to the same slum community.

The plan is to approach the new school/development centre in 4 phases - with the first 2 being immediate needs:








* Phase 1 - Acquire Land (300 square yards):

  Need remaining - Rs. 20 Lakhs ($30,000 USD)

  • Contract with earnest money for land was initiated in May 2018 

  • Land enables completion of architectural design, engineering assessment, competitive construction proposals, and permitting 

  • Land will also enable further financing options to be explore to raise any unraised funds needed for construction


* Phase 2 - Build Out 1st  Floor of School:

  Need Rs. 25 Lakhs ($40,000 USD) 

  • Complete construction by April 2019

  • Provides multi-purpose event space with similar square footage with existing school building

  • Will provide temporary school room spaces through the use of movable partition walls

  • Will also provide meeting space for after school development programs and other services.

  • Eventually will provide a event rental space for local businesses and community as a funding source for LYNY

Current Fundraising Goal is for Phases 1 & 2 as outlined above.   Please prayerfully consider joining us in this project - whether a one time or a ongoing monthly donations.  Thanks for investing in the next generations!



* Phase 3 - Build Out 2nd Floor of School:

  need Rs. 25 Lakhs ($40,000 USD)

  • Complete construction by August 2019, for new school year expansion

  • 2nd floor will provide permanent partitioned rooms for first half of the classrooms 

  • Same rooms will also be used for vocational training during after school community development program

* Phase 4 - Build Out 3rd & 4th Floors of School & Girls Hostel:  

  Need Rs. 50 Lakhs ($80,000 USD)

  • Complete construction by May 2020, for new Jun 2020 school year expansion and Girls Hostel

  • 3rd floor will provide permanent partitioned rooms for remaining half of the classrooms

  • Will enable 1st floor to be rented as event rental space during the week as a funding source for LYNY

  • 4th floor will provide a permanent home & for staff family