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In 2008 we started a school for children who lived in the slums.  We help the poor by providing quality education with an English medium to these children.  We also provide life skills training; and, mostly, we teach them the moral values, which will help them to contribute to creating a healthy society and to become good citizens.  We helped hundreds of children through this school.  Presently, we have 120 students with 8 teachers for a student teacher ratio of 1:15. 

Children have returned to school after 1.5 years of being away due to the pandemic restrictions. For the past two years, children from challenging socio-economic backgrounds have studied at home with or without healthy food.  It takes a couple of months to gain the best of the knowledge and become healthier each day.


We greatly appreciate your heart in supporting our work.  To make a financial contribution, please write to us at

Independence Day Celebrations

We celebrate Independence Day every year at LYNY. We address the students highlighting the freedom struggle and the liberty enjoyed by us at present. Patriotic feelings were used in the minds of kids with stories on freedom fighters. We host the national flag and we distribute sweets to children and the general public gathered in the school grounds.

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