about the founder

Denny V Isaac is the founder for Lyny Society.  Lyny means “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself” and was founded in 2007 as a registered non-profit organization in India working for the poor and needy. 

Denny studied B.Sc.,B.Ed.  Earlier in his career was a teacher and worked as Medical Transcriptionist for few years.  Denny married his lovely wife, Beulah in 2008 and they share the same heart and vision to serve the needy. They are blessed with two sons. 

Here's a note from Denny: 

"My passion and dream is to serve the poor and needy. We are working with children and elderly people. Presently LYNY operates a children's home hosting 25 girls and we are providing them healthy food, education, and clothing. The staff at the home intentionally creates a family atmosphere for the kids so that they develop and grow in love and care.  Every child’s birthday is fully celebrated with good food, festive dress, and cake for all the children. It is key to remind them of the value of their life and who they were created to be. The Lord has appointed us to serve the kids and has given us such love and grace to treat them as our own kids. Our family members and three staff members are voluntarily helping to train these children in the home.

The children brought into our home are from different backgrounds and places within Andhra Pradesh.  The vision is to provide a good education for the neglected kids to stand on their own to grow and prosper in all aspects of their life. LYNY takes care of them until they settle.  In addition for running the children's home, LYNY is helping some of the girls with their college education, serving widows, and providing assistance to the poor and needy.

Since education costs are expensive, LYNY started a school in 2008 to educate the children from the home and to reach the slum children.  The school provides quality education for these children and thankfully they are all doing well in their studies.  There is a total of 7 teachers working in the school and presently 130 students for a 1:18 teacher-student ratio. We are giving free education to the children from the slums. God willing we would like to also provide one meal per day to all these children.



Thank you for your prayers of love and faith, for your encouragement, friendship, and partnership." - Denny Isaac