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We will meet the children spiritual, physical, educational, emotional and social needs so that they will have bright future and hope.


WHAT’S HAPPENING: Our Change in Strategy to Help More Children

After 15 years of the serving the children on a residential basis, it was time to rethink our approach, we have seen 35 girls being nurtured, cared for here at LYNY. We explored the idea of reaching to the root cause of children being left at an orphanage or children home and best childcare practices for the real needy, orphans, and widows.

Family Strengthening: 

We have changed our strategy to help the children on a nonresidential basis due to the latest developments and with God’s guidance. After attending the World Without Orphans Global Forum in 2016, we decided to help children by supporting and preserving their family homes with a single mother or guardian. Our goal is in strengthening families and ultimately strengthening the communities. UNICEF is saying that the institutionalization is the last resort for the children and asking countries to look for alternative care.

At present we are helping 30 children.  All day children will be with us for food and education.  We will take care of everything including medical.   Only thing is we will send them back in the evening after dinner to stay with their single parent, guardian, grandparents, or relatives.  Previously took care of children from different parts of our state. Now we are more focused on the local slum in the vicinity where we live. In this way we can reach more children and can reach the communities as well.

As people affected by the pandemic continue to fight a hunger crisis, As God’s children it is time for us to stand with them for their well-being. As of October 2022, LYNY has served well over a thousand families by giving grocery kits.


Many children especially in the slums are not able to get hygienic food.  We see single mothers and grandparents are really facing lot of challenges in bringing up these children. Let us stand and continue to help those in extreme need at this time!

LYNY continues its support to relieve people struggling with basic necessities like healthy food.


CHILD SPONORSHIP PROGRAM:  We will carefully select the orphans for sponsorship; Semi-orphaned and poor children and we will take entire responsibility of the child. The individual children will get support until completing their studies and standing on their own feet.  We will holistically meet their needs in a loving, safe community where they can learn, grow, play, and dream.

Your support gives a child life-changing opportunity to develop spiritually, emotionally, physically and economically.  

It costs Rs. 3000 to sponsor a child for a month and Rs. 30000 annually.  The funds will provide your sponsored child with nutritious food, i.e., breakfast, lunch, clean water, medical care, and education assistance.


We greatly appreciate your heart in supporting our work.  To make a financial contribution, please write to us at

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