Sponsor a Child
Supporting a child is not just giving money, but you are giving a bright future to the child.  Your support enables us to impact the lives of orphans and vulnerable children in India.

What can I do to help?
The greatest thing that you can do is make a commitment of prayer and regular donation – no matter how small – to our charity. This will help to maintain our current work, and allow us to plan ahead. We cannot move on to other, much-needed, projects until we have ensured that there will be enough money each month to sustain the progress already made.



  • Land and Buildings for Purchase = Rs. 60 Lakhs ($90,000 USD)

  • Construction of Four-Story Building = Rs. 72 Lakhs ($120,000 USD)

Present Needs:

  • Children Home monthly Budget = Rs. 1.5 Lacks ($2,500 USD)

  • School Monthly Budget = Rs.60,000 ($1,000 USD)

  • Total Monthly Needed Budget = Rs. 2.1 Lacks ($3,500 USD)

  • School Van = Rs. 9 Lacks ($15,000 USD)

  • Own Place and Buildings

Ways to Help:

  • Sponsor a School Child by giving Rs.3000 ($50 USD) per month

  • Sponsor a College girl by giving Rs.6000 ($100 USD)

  • Sponsor a child for Education by giving Rs.1200 ($20 USD)

  • Help widowed/Old age Pension:  Rs. 600 ($10 USD)

How to Give:  

Appreciate your heart for supporting our work.  Please send us a mail to lynyindia@gmail.com.  Thank you. 

Let’s work together
We would like you to extend your support in shaping  the future leaders. We may not be able to change the world, but we can make a difference in the lives of these  children.


We welcome your partnership either by prayer, volunteering, or material and financial resources.

Donations from India or International Donations:  

Please contact us through email or phone for account details.  

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